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MyPCBackup and Just Cloud CNET Reviews

Back in 2009 Carbonite was caught by the New York Times planting glowing reviews on Amazon. Online backup was not near as competitive in 2009 as it is now, so it is not surprising that companies push the envelope of what some might seem appropriate, but back when Carbonite got caught doing it on Amazon the reviews were quickly deleted. Unfortunately MyPCBackup must have missed this part of online backup history. I was reading through the CNET reviews of MyPCBackup and Just Cloud this morning and was surprised by the number of 5 star reviews there were for those services.

For MyPCBackup this morning there was a total of 33 reviews of those 15 were 5 star reviews. Just Cloud had 36 votes with 14 5 star reviews. That was a fairly high percentage, so I started to look at the profiles of some of those glowing reviews. The majority of the user profiles had a few things in common. They had registered recently and reviewed just MyPCBackup or Just Cloud or had reviewed both MyPCBackup and Just Cloud. In many ways they have the same type of profile of what made the Carbonite Amazon reviews stand out but CNET profiles do not show where the user is from and Google searches for many of the user profile names turn up nothing but those CNET reviews.


I cannot prove that any of those reviews on CNET were done by people from MyPCBackup but they are certainly suspicious. How do you feel about companies doing fake reviews for their own products?

Interested in seeing some of the profiles of those great MyPCBackup and Just Cloud reviews. Check out the gallery below.

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3 Responses to MyPCBackup and Just Cloud CNET Reviews

  1. Adan C says:

    They advertise an unlimited account. No such thing, their account have a limit of well under 1TB. Do not use if you need more then that. Their software constantly triggers my virus protection. They constantly try to sell you new features. NOT recommended.

  2. William says:

    If you are thinking about using JustCloud, beware!!!! I had an “unlimited” account for which I paid $80 for 2 years. Too good to be true? Yes. When I backed up about 800 GB worth of data (photos and pdfs, largely–I’m a university professor who uses photography for my research). First JustCloud blocked my ability to backup from external USB drives, and told me that I needed to upgrade to a business account to continue using the drives. When I checked out the business account they urged me to sign up for, they never told me the cost. Trying to find the final cost took me one click too far and I was greeted with a message telling me that my credit card on file with them had been charged about $1100!!! I immediately recognized the error, and just as immediately called customer support to cancel the business account. Just to be safe, I also sent an email to JustCloud Business and JustCloud Billing requesting that the charge be cancelled and the account returned to “unlimited.” The account was returned to ‚Äúunlimited‚Äù but the charge was never cancelled. Soon thereafter I left for a trip overseas and my spouse paid the credit card statement before I caught the overcharge. Bad move. JustCloud got my money. Repeated attempts to contact their legal department have been met with silence. They have since closed my ‚Äúunlimited‚Äù account because I had too much data on it (about 1.2 TB). And yes, they have never responded about the improper $1100 that they charged me for a business account that I never used. Repeated emails and phone calls have been met with either silence (emails) or explanations that the matter has been “escalated” to the Business Manager in the UK. The bottom line: no response and no refund. I can only conclude that the company is unethical and crooked, or so close to bankruptcy that their policy is not to refund anyone for any reason. It doesn’t matter what they claim, BUYER BEWARE! I doubt whether I’ll ever recover the $1100 they owe me. It is outrageous to me that a company can be so crooked and remain in business. My only recourse now is to post messages everywhere alerting people to stay away from this crooked company. Hopefully I can keep others from being robbed like I was robbed. –William

  3. Dheeraj says:

    Damn. Fine, you do all this shit. Why don’t they atleast make friccking working product at least half as aggressively as they market?
    They keep the default file size as 1 MB, add ons, shi* spam etc.

    Oh yeah I know why, IT SAVES THEM MONEY. I’m happy I got out early after using temporary credit cards, but I’m just sad about how they keep ripping others off.

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