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MyPCBackup New Version Released

MyPCBackup continues to improve and make changes to their service. They have recently released the latest version of their software with several new improvements.

  • Drag and Drop Technology
  • Schedule Backups
  • Idle Backups
  • Folder Sharing
  • Support for Mac
  • Speed Improvements

At some point they also switched over their storage from their own data center to now using Amazon S3 storage. Not sure when they did that but as I went through some of their website today I noticed that they had made that change.

Unfortunately while they continue to make changes there are still some very serious issues with the service that keeps me from recommending them. The first is the file size limit that they have. 3GB is simply not large enough for many people. Not to mention the default when I installed the software today was only 1MB! You need to manually go in and set the file size limit up to 3GB. Many people have files over 3GB in size. I personally own a HD camcorder and often have 4GB sized files.

The second is their need to use additional features as up sells. Many of the features that they up sell you on, such as hourly backup or a longer file version days, are standard features with other services at a lower cost.

The third is their fair use policy. While all backup services need to have a terms of use policy, MyPCBackup policy seems to contridict their advertising of offering “Unlimited” space.

Your consumption of MPCB Products or Services may be deemed excessive if, within any month, your usage greatly exceeds the average level of monthly usage of MPCB’s customers, generally.

At least AVG LiveKive was upfront in their policy by stating that their unlimited plan is really only 500GB.

If you are going to advertise unlimited storage, then offer it.

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