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MyPCBackup Pricing

One of the most searched for questions I have been seeing about MyPCBackup, JustCloud and ZipCloud is simply what the cost of subscribing is. I am not sure why Just Develop It, the developer of those three brands, has decided to make the pricing of their service so difficult to find, but they have.


After doing a little looking the cost I have on the MyPCBackup review is still accurate for all three services. I have also included a screen shot of the MyPCBackup pricing below.

The current costs for MyPCBackup, JustCloud and ZipCloud are as follows:

  • Paid Monthly: $9.95/month
  • Paid Every 6 Months: $41.70/6 Months.
  • Paid Yearly: $71.40/year.
  • Paid Two Years: $118.80/two years.

The price of $4.95/month is the price you pay if you sign up for two years in advance. So you would pay $118.80 upfront divided by 24 months. I would suggest you try the 14 day trial before you subscribe to the service to see if you will be happy with the service as it will is much easier to cancel before you give them your money than it is after.

Want to know more about MyPCBackup? Read our complete MyPCBackup Review for more information such a cost.

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One Response to MyPCBackup Pricing

  1. I am like you – why hide the price? If a developer has a good product it should not take a potential customer minutes upon minutes searching upon searches to find out the cost of the program or service potentially being provided. If the developer wants my business and a subscription is involved, I want to see the price clearly stated on the home page or not more than one link away from the home page. If I have to go to third party providers to find out cost of a program, I’m immediately suspicious that the program is overpriced.

    If there is a complex subscription price, i.e. six months, one year, a six month subscription paid in advance for two years, or paid in advance for three years, etc. I definitely want to see that cost structure within the first 30 to 60 seconds of my investigation into the product. In my experience, the more complex a program’s pricing is the more likely future changes will be made in pricing and the pricing structure always goes up.

    Providing a two-week or a months long trial process does nothing to make me feel secure about a products future pricing. The trial process allows me to see how close a product comes to my expectations in performance. It provides no other information. Other wording that makes me suspicious is “free” or money back guarantee. One can assume that a download is going to be “free”. Anything else makes for a poor business plan. The two times that I tried to get my money back on a product that did not fulfill my expectations included requirements for paying upward of thirty dollars to be allowed to send a request to “technical support”. “Customer support” in my experience has always been “all that we can do is sell the aproduct to you”. “Customer support” parrots the same speech: if you’re having a problem installing the product or a program is missing from a package you need to talk “technical support”. Each incident occurred with a large company that had a longtime presence on the Web. Neither company will get any larger with future purchases from me.

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