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AltDrive Removes 30-Day Trial Restrictions

AltDrive put out a press release today announcing that they have removed the restrictions that were in place on their 30 day free trial. This is good news for people wanting to try their services and ultimately end up subscribing to the service since their files will already be uploaded. To give you some historyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

AltDrive Update and Promotional Code

AltDrive sent me a note last week about some updates that were coming up with their service and it looks some good news from them. With version 1.41 they will be supporting external hard drives, offering two and three year subscription options and decreasing the 2 month trial down to 30 days. While not allContinue Reading

AltDrive Expands Secure Online Backup Service to Home and Businesses for all of North America

It was not long ago I added the AltDrive review here on Online Backup Deals and I have to admit I am a little confused about this press release from them. It was my understanding that they were already open to users from not only North America but users from around the world. AltDrive doesContinue ReadingContinue Reading

AltDrive Review

AltDrive Review

AltDrive is a no nonsense backup service that delivers what it advertises. Unlimited backup at an affordable cost.Continue Reading