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CrashPlan vs. Carbonite

CrashPlan vs. Carbonite

Overview An overview of what service wins in each category.   Feature Carbonite CrashPlan Tied Backup Speed Pricing Operating System and Desktop Client Local Backup Support Mobile Apps and Backup File Sync Backup to Friend Ease of Use Totals 3 4 1 Winner CrashPlan Sign Up forCarbonite Sign Up forCrashPlan This comparison post was originallyContinue Reading

Cashback Discount on CrashPlan

A lot of people come here to looking for a deal on their favorite cloud storage and backup services. I don’t blame them there is nothing like saving a few dollars on a service to ease the pinch of backing up on a persons wallet. Code42 and CrashPlan used to have some amazing dealsContinue Reading

CrashPlan vs. Backblaze

CrashPlan vs. Backblaze

It has been a while since I took a look at CrashPlan and Backblaze in a head to head test so I thought while I had some time here in the cold of winter I would do something I have never done with two services before. I signed up for the trials of both CrashPlanContinue Reading

CrashPlan Holiday Sale Coupon

Code42’s CrashPlan has been offering a sweet 20% off for new customers over this holiday season so you have no reason not to sign up and start backing up your computer. Not only that but the coupon is good for gift subscriptions as well so if you are the IT person in your family (youContinue Reading

CrashPlan 2014 Black Friday Coupon

There is nothing better than saving a few dollars on something you need and CrashPlan is one of those services you need if you have a computer. This year CrashPlan is offering a generous 30% off all Home plans for new subscribers. To take advantage of this great deal from CrashPlan just click the linkContinue Reading

CrashPlan Back to School Discount

Here where I live it is almost to 3 weeks before kids go back to school but CrashPlan is getting a head start for all the parents and college kids that are heading off here in the fall. Until September 30th, 2014 you can save a sweet 20% on all new CrashPlan home annual plans.Continue Reading

SMB Cloud Backup Price Comparison

If you run a small or medium sized business you really don’t have a lot of time to be sitting around comparing all of the cloud backup options available to you. You have work to do, whatever that work is, and you just want to know how much it is going to cost to keepContinue Reading

CrashPlan 20% Coupon for Backup Awareness Month

June is Backup Awareness Month, and while it does not get as much attention as World Backup Day, it is a great opportunity to remind people to backup their computers and make sure their data is safe. Of course it is also a great chance to save some money on your cloud backup service asContinue Reading

NAS to Cloud Backup

One of the best things about having a network attached storage device is not just having all of your files available anywhere on your network but, depending on the make an model of your device, you can setup an automatic cloud backup of all your files to keep them all safe up in the cloudContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup vs. CrashPlan

When I heard that SOS Online Backup had announced unlimited storage plans, my first thought was 2014 was going to get interesting for cloud backup. 2013 seemed to be the year of cloud storage, with a lot of new services coming online but there was not a lot of changes in the cloud backup side of things.Continue Reading