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When it comes to all the free and upgrade-able cloud storage plans out there, it can be difficult to settle on one. In fact I’d wager most people have used multiple storage options at once, even if just to test out how different services work. To help make things a bit easier, I’m going toContinue Reading

Dropbox File Requests

While it might seem that everyone has a Dropbox account, that is not actually true and sometimes you need to collect files from people who do not have a Dropbox account or for a specific reason. Email has its limits and collecting larger files from many different people can be a nightmare with files occasionallyContinue Reading

Top Dropbox Alternatives for 2017

It has been awhile since I have written a post about alternatives to Dropbox so I thought it might be a good time to take another look at the competition that has heated up around cloud storage. Looking back through the archives there was a post in 2011 looking at a few of the alternativesContinue Reading

Dropbox Cuts Pro Pricing Add Features

I have to hand it to Dropbox, they regularly respond to increased competition by cutting prices for their paid service and by increasing features. There is no doubt that the cloud storage market has been getting cheaper and cheaper for storage. Google only charges $9.99 for 1TB of storage and even Bitcasa also is $10.00/monthContinue Reading

Edward Snowden Endorses SpiderOak, Slams Dropbox

Edward Snowden in an interview with The Guardian endorsed SpiderOak and their Zero-Knowledge service. The interview was published today on The Guardian website. The article talking more about SpiderOak and the some of the problems with Dropbox can be read here. You can also watch the whole interview here. Mr. Snowden had this to sayContinue Reading

SugarSync vs. Dropbox

SugarSync vs. Dropbox

Overview   Feature SugarSync Dropbox Tied Operating System Free Account and Storage Paid Storage Mobile Apps Sharing Backup File Sync Web Access Totals 4 3 2 Winner SugarSync Sign Up forSugarSync Sign Up forDropbox One of the questions I get occasionally is what I think is better, SugarSync or Dropbox? Each service has their positiveContinue Reading

Dropbox and Box Shared File Disclosure Vulnerability

Another day, another vulnerability found in Dropbox, lucky for them this time Box gets to share in the problem. These vulnerabilities both center around shared files and the lack of privacy settings around shared files.   The shared link disclosure vulnerability happens with a person with a shared link copies the link and instead ofContinue Reading

Dropbox vs. Bitcasa

Dropbox vs. Bitcasa

Overview   Feature Bitcasa Dropbox Tied Operating System and Desktop Client Free Account and Storage Paid Storage API Access Sharing Number of Computers Encryption File Sync Backing Up Mobile Apps Web Access Totals 2 6 3 Winner Dropbox Sign Up forBitcasa Sign Up forDropbox Update #1: This post was written before Bitcasa announced new pricingContinue Reading

Carbonite vs. Dropbox

At one time comparing Carbonite and Dropbox would have been pointless since they both solved different problems. Carbonite solved the backup problem and Dropbox solved a storage and sync problem. Previously if you needed a backup solution Carbonite would have been a clear winner between the two and if you needed a storage or syncContinue Reading

Dump Dropbox for Dump Truck

I was reading through my RSS feeds today, yes I still use and like RSS feeds despite what Google thinks, and I noticed an interesting story from TorrentFreak. It seems the founders of Golden Frog, who also run a cloud storage service called Dump Truck, have created a website called Dump Dropbox.   The DumpContinue Reading