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$60 Off Norton 100GB Online Backup!

I don’t hear of specials from Norton Online Backup very often. Looking back this is the first promo they have had since Black Friday, but it is a good one. Until May 31, 2013 you can save $60 on a 100GB Norton Online Backup subscription.   This is usually priced at $89.99 so this isContinue Reading

Norton Online Backup Limited Time Sale

Symantec is getting into the Black Friday sales early this year with some Black Friday early bird specials. While there are a number of their products on sale like Norton 360 + Norton Mobile Security 2013, Norton 360 and Norton Mobile Security the one item that caught my eye was of course the fact thatContinue Reading

Norton Online Backup v.2

Norton has announced version 2 of the Norton Online Backup software with some major enhancements. Norton version 2.0 is now available for both Windows and Mac computers, including support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, email sharing of backed up files and 90 day file versioning (Mozy for example only offers 30days). Pricing is stillContinue Reading

Norton Online Backup Review

Norton Online Backup is an online system offering customers a secure and easy way to automatically backup files online as well as store several files from multiple household computers. Norton is a trusted name we know for providing secure products for our anti-virus and Internet security solutions. With Norton Online Backup, customers do not have to worry about losing files on their computer, as the system will automatically backup the files you desire so you will always have them safe and secure.Continue Reading

Norton Online Backup on HP Consumer PC’s

When I was working in corporate IT every Windows PC that we dealt with had one antivirus solution on it, Norton AntiVirus. It was the only antivirus software we supported and installed and I know the majority of other corporate offices here in Regina are the same way. This is also true of the majorityContinue Reading