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Norton Online Backup on HP Consumer PC’s

When I was working in corporate IT every Windows PC that we dealt with had one antivirus solution on it, Norton AntiVirus. It was the only antivirus software we supported and installed and I know the majority of other corporate offices here in Regina are the same way. This is also true of the majority of small businesses that I deal with as well, the majority of the small businesses use Norton AntiVirus. Symantec does more than antivirus though and has been a source of backup software for many years so it is no surprise that they have also started backing up to the cloud and offering online backup services.


Norton Online Backup recently announced that they are partnering with HP, who recently discontinued its online backup service HP Upline, to offer an online backup trial on HP Consumer Desktop and Notebook computers.

The 30-day trial offer of Norton Online Backup will come preinstalled and will provide five gigabytes (5GB) of convenient and secured online storage. Symantec has a leading presence in consumer online backup with more than eight million customers and three million backups per day.

This move is sure to expand the number of consumer users that use Norton Online Backup, since many people simply use the software that comes preinstalled on their computers. It will be interesting to see if corporate offices start to make a shift using online backup for individual desktops as well as for file and exchange servers.

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