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Backblaze Launches B2 Cloud Storage

There is cloud storage and then there is “cloud storage”. What is the difference, well one is the consumer style cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box then there is the “cloud storage” that is often what powers those services, like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Today Backblaze has stepped up to not only beContinue Reading

MyPCBackup Releases Update

MyPCBackup sent out emails announcing a recent update to their online backup client. The new update should increase the speed of your backups.   Here is a copy of the email I recieved. Hi John, I wanted to contact you personally to give you some exciting news. We have launched a major new update toContinue Reading

SugarSync for Business

Earlier Backblaze announced Backblaze for Business, SugarSync has announced an SugarSync foru Business. SugarSync for Business offers business users all of the same great features as SugarSync. That means that business users get the same great features like sync, backup and sharing that regular SugarSync offers. SugarSync for Business also offers:   Administrative controls FlexibleContinue Reading

SugarSync Comes to Android Phones

SugarSync has released a client for Google Android phones. SugarSync is the first online backup and storage service that I have heard to extend onto the Android platform. This makes it easy for users not only of iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry to access their files anywhere but users of the new Android phones asContinue Reading

Norton Online Backup on HP Consumer PC’s

When I was working in corporate IT every Windows PC that we dealt with had one antivirus solution on it, Norton AntiVirus. It was the only antivirus software we supported and installed and I know the majority of other corporate offices here in Regina are the same way. This is also true of the majorityContinue Reading

SugarSync Referral Program

Aside from SugarSync allowing your to upload your backed up photos to Facebook, they have also announced a new referral program for existing members. Now you can refer your friends to SugarSync and get up to an additional 10GB of free space.   The first thing you need to do is sign up for SugarSync,Continue Reading

Share Photos on Facebook with SugarSync

SugarSync is in the news today with the announcement in their blog and on TechCrunch that you can now share your photos directly from your SugarSync backup to your Facebook account. Why waste time backing up your photos to SugarSync and then go and share some of those same photos with your friends and familyContinue Reading

Carbonite for Mac Released and Announce Price Increase

Mac users that have been waiting to use Carbonite for their online backup can now breath easier. Carbonite has joined the many online backup solutions that now supports Mac’s. The Carbonite blog has an announcement, and if you visit the Carbonite home page you will notice a new “Now for Mac” tag. If you ownContinue Reading