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Best Unlimited Cloud Backup

Unlimited cloud backup services make it easier to backup your files without worrying about running out of room and having your backups suddenly fail or stop working. Unlimited services are the most popular services that I review here and are certainly my favorites to recommend to people. For these services unlimited means unlimited storage. Occassionally some services do have limits on other parts of their service but more and more these limits are being dropped for the services to be competitive with each other.

  1. Backblaze
    Backblaze is native on both Windows and Mac and makes backing up easy. Offering unlimited storage and unlimited file size it is the easiest way to backup all of your files, photos and other files. Backblaze also offers an unlimited backup for businesses as well. They are the only service that offers unlimited storage for business desktops.

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  2. CrashPlan
    CrashPlan is an affordable, feature rich, unlimited cloud backup service for home users. They stand out by not only offering unlimited storage but also unlimited versions and unlimited archiving of files. This makes them unique from the other services and and excellent option for people not wanting to worry about running out of space.

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  3. SOS Online Backup
    SOS Online Backup is new to offering unlimited storage but they offer a wide range of features including local backup, support for network drives, mobile backup, file sharing, and file archiving. Now that they offer unlimited storage they almost do it all. The only thing missing is the ability to have your restore shipped to you on a external hard drive or USB drive.

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  4. Carbonite
    Carbonite has offered unlimited storage since the beginning but only recently have they become even more competitive by removing their upload bandwidth caps that they had in place. This change has Carbonite once again being a fantastic option for home users for unlimited cloud backup with only one computer to backup.

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  5. Zoolz Home
    Zoolz Home is made by Genie9 and takes advantage of Amazon Glacier for storage. They are relatively new to offering an unlimited storage option but it is a very affordable option and is great for long term archiving of your data. Restore can take longer because of restrictions of using Amazon Glacier but the inexpensive cost of Zoolz Home makes it a service to look at as a primary and as a secondary cloud backup.

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