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Bitcasa Sued

Bitcasa Sued

In what comes as no surprise Bitcasa has been sued by their users on November 13th, 2014, just days before the deadline of November 16th when Bitcasa was planning on deleting users data if they did not switch to a new, more expensive storage plan. When Bitcasa announced that users had to migrate to new plans it caused an uproar that you could see on Twitter and on other blogs.


Even for users willing to pay the higher prices there was no end of problems of people complaining that the migration failed, that file sizes were larger than the new plan when they clearly are not and even one user who seems to have other peoples photos in their account (although they could be sample photos from Bitcasa hard to tell).

For those people trying to get their data out of Bitcasa before the deadline they were faced with errors in the web interface, terribly slow data transfers, and often corrupted files when they were able to get some back.

In any case Bitcasa has now been served with a temporary restraining order stopping them from deleting subscriber data until November 20, 2014. You can read more at the Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein website. The next hearing is on November 19th when we will hear if the restraining order will be extended and if the case will go forward. There has been no official reply that I could find from Bitcasa about the lawsuit, just a forum post that the deadline has been extended to November 20th. The truth is it was not extended because Bitcasa was feeling generous, they have not choice but to extend it.

I have also come across an embed of the restraining order that I have embedded below.

It will be interesting to see how the hearing on November 19th goes for Bitcasa users.

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7 Responses to Bitcasa Sued

  1. Remus110 says:

    Yeah … they are scammers !!! in my old bitcasa i was used 650 gb … i will quit using them that-s a fact i allready buyed another service, but since i was not enough time extract my files due really slow conection speeds i was subscribed for a new plan of 1tb. From now only issues first of all they charged me on the 8 of the month with 10 usd even they know well the service will end on 16 (at that time that was the deadline) … ok … when i subscribed to new plan on 14 same month i was charged again. That.s in my opinion stealing. Ok let’s continue In my old plan i was 650 gb of files … surprise or not in the new plan is MUCH MUCH MORE !!! around 2Tb. I want bitcasa explain how the heck they meassure storage !!! Now is 19 i was able to transfer around 25% due painly slow data transfer. And at least … many files transfered seems to be corupted so … so long my files …
    I wish bitcasa as many court sue as si possible and to jail with brian tapnik (or whatever is his name)
    They screwed me big …

    • Yurek1964 says:

      I’m agree with Your opinion about Bitcasa in 100 %.
      I’m looking for unlimited online file (archive) storage.
      If I may ask You, what service did You buy now ?
      As I mentioned somewhare here before I have tested several online file storages.
      Closest to my wishes are:
      – OpenDrive (a little slow)
      – Jottacloud (“unlimited” but with 10 TB limit)
      – HubiC (not unlimited, 10 TB limit)
      – Hightail (unlimited but with 15,000 parent folders limit and limit of files/folder per level of folder for a subscribed account is 2000)

      I wouldn’t recommend Pogoplug.
      Since thay started the service, the price is very low and it’s the time to rise the price… (that is my guess)

      Google Drive for Work is very good, but is not cheap.
      So, I don’t know, if exist good, not expensive, unlimited online long time file storage.
      Maybe You know some good service.

      • For unlimited online file storage, meaning the only copy of the file is online (which IMHO is a bad idea, remember rule of three in backup) there really is no one. I think you listed them.

        As for what I use, personally I have a Backblaze account and an unlimited SpiderOak account (that I picked up on the World Backup Day promo). But I use them to backup my files not to store them with constant access. For syncing between computers and devices I mostly use BitTorrent Sync (but that might change soon).

        For the price you need to pay for unlimited file storage it is cheaper to buy a NAS and do it yourself I think.

  2. WILLEMIJNS says:

    at the beggining, creating an 10$ unlimited plan with amazon S3 was……………..

    • Using Amazon storage was probably a mistake for Bitcasa but the mistakes that the company and investors have made since (forcing?) Tony Gauda out are probably the larger of them all. I think the blame rests mostly at the feet of the current CEO and the desire to squeeze as much money out of the service as they can. Blame the CEO or the investors but the company has destroyed any trust users had in them. If I worked there I would be looking for a new job FAST!

    • Dheeraj says:

      That’s true.

      S3? Infinite storage on S3? That was extremely stupid of Bitcasa.

      • I remember hearing they were planning their own data storage, perhaps like Backblaze, but think they ran into problems with EMC and Mozy since one of the people used to work for Mozy. Don’t know how much of that is true or just rumor.

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Bitcasa Sued

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