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Bitcasa Insolvent – Lawsuit Update

Yesterday Bitcasa responded to the lawsuit forcing them with a temporary restraining order to stop the deletion of data that was not migrated to new plans or downloaded. The short version of the outcome of the lawsuit is that users can pay Bitcasa for a $99.00/month fee to help preserve their data on a newContinue Reading

Bitcasa Sued

In what comes as no surprise Bitcasa has been sued by their users on November 13th, 2014, just days before the deadline of November 16th when Bitcasa was planning on deleting users data if they did not switch to a new, more expensive storage plan. When Bitcasa announced that users had to migrate to newContinue Reading

Bitcasa Alternatives

Bitcasa Alternatives

There is no love for Bitcasa out there anymore and users are now appearing to be leaving in droves. Browsing through the Bitcasa forums or doing a search on Twitter will turn up a torrent of colourful tweets directed at them. Some of my favourites:   My fav storage service @Bitcasa is extorting me ("payContinue Reading

Bitcasa Officially Ends Infinite Storage Plan

  It has not even been a year since Bitcasa announced new pricing plans and today they announced they are upgrading their storage infrastructure and killing off all Infinite storage plans. While I know little about what Bitcasa is actually doing to their storage infrastructure, they toss phrases around such as zero-knowledge, but the realityContinue Reading Adds Bitcasa Connector

One of the things Bitcasa has been behind on compared to many of the other cloud storage services was the lack of an API. They released an API in late 2013 and more recently released the cloudfs for more developers to take advantage of the Bitcasa cloud storage services.   One of the best thingsContinue Reading

Bitcasa May Promo Code and Updates

I have been meaning to write something up about Bitcasa lately but have been putting it off for a couple reasons but when I heard about them running a new May promo I thought I had better get this written before the promo is over and those of you interested in saving money with aContinue Reading

Bitcasa vs. OpenDrive

Overview   Feature Bitcasa OpenDrive Tied Operating System and Desktop Client Free Account and Storage Paid Storage API Access Sharing Number of Computers Encryption File Sync Backing Up Mobile Apps Web Access Totals 5 3 3 Winner Bitcasa Sign Up forBitcasa Sign Up forOpenDrive With the recent changes with Bitcasa’s pricing OpenDrive has been doingContinue Reading

Bitcasa Adds Headless Linux Client

Bitcasa has released their promised headless Linux client. They are also sticking to their plans of only offering it to people that are on the new plans, which is not going over well on the Bitcasa blog, Twitter and Facebook.   @Bitcasa Thanks, just making sure you really were going back on your word beforeContinue Reading

Bitcasa’s Blunder

Bitcasa announced new pricing plans and an api yesterday and the reaction to the new plans you could say has been poor. Reading through the comments on the blog post and seeing the reaction Twitter gives you a good sense of what Bitcasa has done wrong with this announcement. Here are some common themes thatContinue Reading

Bitcasa Announces New Plans

Bitcasa had a change in leadership back in September and looks like that change is bringing some BIG changes to Bitcasa, today they announced new plans and pricing. Here is a breakdown of what has changed.   What is gone is the $99.00/year for infinite storage. To get infinite storage now the price tag hasContinue Reading