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Bitcasa May Promo Code and Updates

I have been meaning to write something up about Bitcasa lately but have been putting it off for a couple reasons but when I heard about them running a new May promo I thought I had better get this written before the promo is over and those of you interested in saving money with a subscription to them can. With that in mind here is the deal with their May promo. Until May 31st, 2014 you can save 20% on Bitcasa annual subscription plans. Just click the link below and enter the promo code at check out to save.


Click here and use promo code BITCASA20 at checkout.

In other Bitcasa news their API is starting to take off and they have announced the CloudFS platform. While they are getting some services, like Otixo, using the API this new CloudFS looks like it will take Bitcasa up another level. It looks like this new API is not so much for the average consumer but made for other service providers to build and offer cloud storage services. The CloudFS Platform will be available later this Spring but developers and service providers can sign up now.

End users might not find the new CloudFS very exciting but it could mean a whole new range of services building upon Bitcasa. It also sounds like they have some large companies interested like Samsung. Perhaps this will also make it easier for services like to build a connector to Bitcasa and add them to their service for people to move data in and out of the Bitcasa cloud.

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One Response to Bitcasa May Promo Code and Updates

  1. FS says:

    For me (an average BitCasa user who has no idea what “CloudFS” actually does)…this is good news in the sense that the company seems to be humming along.

    The greatest fear I have is that one day they will call it quits – and I will lose all my data.

    I hope you keep covering BitCasa, because it gives me a sense of what the vitals are on both the company…and my data!

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