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Dump Dropbox for Dump Truck

Dump Dropbox

I was reading through my RSS feeds today, yes I still use and like RSS feeds despite what Google thinks, and I noticed an interesting story from TorrentFreak. It seems the founders of Golden Frog, who also run a cloud storage service called Dump Truck, have created a website called Dump Dropbox.


The Dump Dropbox site itself gives a list of reasons why people should stop using Dropbox for their cloud storage service. While I might agree with some of the arguments on the site, like the fact that Dropbox is not the most secure cloud storage service available the site itself does not actually offer an alternatives to Dropbox. That might simply be a case of Dump Truck not wanting to promote itself off the site.

The site also asks users to share their Dropbox horror story but none are listed. The Facebook page that they also give a link to also has an absence of Dropbox horror stories. I am sure there are users out there that have had bad experiences with Dropbox, in fact searching the Dropbox forum will probably find some, but they do not seem to be listed on the Drop Dropbox website yet.

The TorrentFreak post also has a great quote by Ron Yokubaitis, who is also co-founder of Golden Frog, about MEGA.

“Ultimately, Mega looks to be the same service as Megaupload, just with more ass-covering for Mega. The fact that they don’t have tools to enable you to sync between your life and Mega shows that it‚Äôs a file-sharing product only. We don’t want Dump Truck users to sacrifice ease of use for security and privacy. We want our users to have both,” he concludes.

While I don’t disagree with his opinion of MEGA I am not sure Dump Truck is any more secure than Dropbox. Point 6 on the Drop Dropbox website states that Dropbox does not support private encryption keys. This is true, but when I tried their Dump Truck app out there is no where to enter a private encryption key during the setup or afterward. Other than the initial password I set there was no option to enter a private encryption key. If they are defaulting to a private encryption key like SpiderOak does they still suffer from the same problem as SpiderOak, you can browse your files online and when you do that you need to send your private key to them to decrypt your files. SpiderOak talks about this on their website as well.

Point 7 of the Drop Dropbox website mentions talks about jurisdictional diversity. Specifically because
Dropbox servers are all on Amazon are only in the United States. This is true as well but when I checked the IP location of the Dump Truck server I was logging into it was in the United States as well and I was not given the choice of where I wanted my data stored. In the Dump Truck FAQ under what makes Dump Truck secure is that “the hard drives, servers, and manage our own network. We don’t rely on third parties to store your data. When you upload your files to Dump Truck, we are the only company who handles your data.” That might be true but there is nothing stopping the FBI from seizing there servers just like MegaUpload was.

I created a quick slideshow of my screenshots if you want to take a quick look it is embedded below. My initial impressions of Dumb Truck is it is not much different from Dropbox and they do offer 5GB free, so I will add them to the Free Cloud Storage page. If you would like to try Dump Truck using this link.

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  1. John Freer says:

    I am a CrashPlan user. Read the Dropbox blog here and then found the link below. CrashPlan support private keys, which is cool. But I think I have to start my backup all over to use it . . . not so cool, but at least I know that the folks at CrashPlan would not be able to see my data . . . unlike Dropbox.

    Security Settings FAQ

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