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CloudZow is Livedrive Reseller

In my first post about CloudZow willemijns commented that CloudZow appeared that it was a Livedrive reseller. I had my doubts since usually I cannot sign up using my email address to a Livedrive reseller because I already have a Livedrive account and by using the same email address it throws a warning that I already have an account. That did not happen when I signed up for the CloudZow trial so I thought perhaps they had actually created a new service.


I will say that CloudZow has done a wonderful job of branding the software to their name. Usually checking the properties of the software installer will give a Livedrive reseller away. This time however it it clearly branded as CloudZow. Unfortunately for them however you can’t hide all of the signs of a Livedrive reseller. Once the software was installed there was a Livedrive service that was installed on the computer.

While that pretty much proved to me that CloudZow is indeed a Livedrive reseller. I thought I would do a little more looking. I logged into the CloudZow web portal and noticed that the web portal actually used instead of The web portal is a classic Livedrive web app and it uses a sub domain for each user. Doing a trace route to the sub domain of my account clearly shows it ends at Livedrive.

Now that we know that CloudZow is a Livedrive reseller you can take a look at the Livedrive review and see if you really want to sign up for this service. If you are a real fan of multi level marketing you might want to sign up with them I guess. Of course you never know how long a Livedrive reseller is going to be around. We had the massive free amount of space Livedrive reseller already and they are gone. Now we have the MLM Livedrive reseller. The major problem with using a reseller is you need to rely on more than one service to stay afloat to keep your data safe. If you just signed up with Livedrive you only have them to deal with. Signing up with CloudZow you have to hope Livedrive does not pull the plug on their reseller account like Backify or BeeCloud.

Not to mention if you are an affiliate of CloudZow you could easily become a Livedrive reseller yourself and sell the service directly. Why use CloudZow when you could simply start your own Livedrive reseller online backup service and make all the profit. Just a thought, there are other services that reseller as well including SpiderOak, SOS Online Backup and MozyPro. You could easily signup as a reseller for a more reliable service.

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