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MegaBackup is MegaBad!

MegaBackup Website

First off the company MegaBackup has absolutely NOTHING to do with MEGA the cloud storage company, they share the first four letters of the alphabet in their name and that is where the similarity ends. I first heard of MegaBackup from a press release that was sent out on April 15 through PRWeb. I occasionally see new cloud backup and storage services releasing press releases and this one caught my eye for a couple of reasons:

  • The reference to unlimited storage space.
  • Talk about simplicity and security.

After seeing the press release I thought I would give them a quick look and test to see what they have released. After looking through their website I noticed a few things that concerned me. First off they claim to be offering unlimited storage space, but state on their website they are using Amazon S3 for storing data. Considering how badly the Bitcasa fiasco has gone using Amazon S3 for storage with unlimited storage this will probably end badly for them.

I also noticed at the very bottom of the website the contact address on the website is actually listed as being in Tortola in the
British Virgin Islands. That alone is not a huge deal but the press release talks about the company being based in Slovakia with a regional office in Germany, it does not mention anything about the British Virgin Islands. Doing a WHOIS on the domain yields nothing since it is using a Namecheap whoisguard. Where they are actually based could be anywhere. The website is hosted on Amazon, which makes sense if they are using Amazon S3 for storage might as well use the AWS to host your website.

Despite the red flags of this company so far I went ahead and downloaded the software and installed it on a test machine. After playing around with it a little bit it became obvious this company and software are not really going to give you a chance to evalutate it properly. Trial accounts get 100MB of free space to try, that is correct 100MB, enough to backup maybe a few photos. Unfortunately this is another area where the website and the actual software seem to disagree. The website terms of service pricing policy states clearly that free accounts get 1GB of space free of charge.

MegaBackup Pricing Policy

Anyways, you can watch the video below of me trying the software out. I had some problems recording and this is actually the second try and unfortunately the sound never did record. The first time I had several issues with the desktop application crashing and being unstable. The second time I installed the application it did seem to be more stable and not crash.

They talk about security in the press release, but I could not find much of or really any information on the website or in the application about how they keep your data secure or about encryption besides the fact they use Amazon to store your data. Then on top of not having any information available when you initially sign up, for a free account at least send you an automatically generated password for your account to the email address you signed up with. Granted on the website you can change the password once you login but if someone has access to your email account they could also easily gain access to your backup account. Just one more thing that made me uneasy about this service.

Talking about emails, this company seems to have taken lessons from services like Just Cloud and other JDI Backup services. Once you sign up for an account expect to start getting regular emails from them. I started testing the service on April 17th and I have gotten one email a day from them since. Good thing I used a through away email address that will now start bouncing back because for some reason I expect that unsubscribe link at the bottom will not work.

After my short experience with this company and the backup service I would highly recommend anyone thinking of using them to no bother. This company and service have a flashy looking website but that is as far as it goes. There are simply much better more established cloud backup and sync services out there that using MegaBackup is doing nothing more than asking for trouble.

You can read the full press release that caught my attention below.

MegaBackup Corp. announces the launch of its new cloud backup service

Slovakia-based cloud solutions maker released a new concept of a backup service with an unlimited storage space

Bratislava, Slovakia (PRWEB) April 15, 2015

MegaBackupToday, MegaBackup Corp., a company that specializes in cloud-based solutions for storing and backing up data, has announced that it has launched its new product called MegaBackup. Since the beta-version of a product was released in early 2014, MegaBackup Corp. received a massive positive feedback from the users who tried it out. Following the twelve months of creating a fully-functional solution, MegaBackup Corp presents the MegaBackup – a new provider of cloud-based solutions with an unlimited storage space.

The company claims that its product is based on conceptually new approach to the cloud-based technologies.

“When we made the decision to create MegaBackup, we set two major priorities, that became the gold standards of our product ‚Äì simplicity and security. We saw the lack of good, secure and simple services for data backup on the market, as the majority of existing solutions were created for large corporations or technically experienced users, therefore they are hard to understand and use for people without technical background. The feedback from our clients proves that we succeeded at unifying top-notch security technologies with a simple interface”, says Andrew Shvets, MegaBackup Corp. CMO.

According to the company’s spokesperson,¬†Megabackup Corp. is now working on implementing a bundle of tools for file sharing, synchronization and a few more useful features into MegaBackup.

About MegaBackup Corp.:
MegaBackup Corp. is a cloud solutions company, based in Slovakia with a regional office in Germany. Founded in late 2013, MegaBackup Corp. consists of experts in cloud solutions as well as security and data protection technologies. The company’s main product is called MegaBackup, it’s beta-version was launched in early 2014. As of April, 2015, the product’s fully-functional version was released.

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11 Responses to MegaBackup is MegaBad!

  1. T. Swaine says:

    Thanks, Kinzi! That worked! I don’t even know how it got on my iMac to begin with! Started out with me filling out a chik-fil-a survey for a free sandwich!

  2. Jen says:

    what a pain. They’re really tricky — the little ‘icon’ for the app in the top toolbar (near bluetooth/wifi) was HIDDEN (black–didn’t look like anything was there)…had to click the black space to actually show it.

  3. evamac says:

    This was a real hassle to uninstall from the Mac. It kept saying it was running even though it did not show up on any list of open apps. Had to restart to get rid of it. A number of programs have somehow installed themselves lately and browser adblocks are not always working. I guess Macs are getting too popular.

  4. John says:

    Megabackup somehow installed itself on my Macbook Pro and I couldn’t get rid of the damn thing. Every time I started up it opened a window trying to sell me this crap. Every time I tried to quit and trash the app got window saying it was running and couldn’t quit.

    Stay away from the nasty Megabackup.

  5. Ggapples! says:

    YAY! uninstalled! thank you so much for informing me about MegaBackup. this site really helped me.

  6. Dheeraj says:

    It seems to that MegaBackup would put JustCloud to shame haha.

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