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  • 3gb Free
  • 200 Gig Account: 1 Year $50.00/year, 2 Years $90.00/year, 3 Years $127.50/year, 4 Years $160.00/year
  • 300 Gig Account: 1 Year $70.00/year, 2 Years $135.00/year, 3 Years $191.25/year, 4 Years $240.00/year


  • Supports Windows, Mac, iPhone
  • Backs up open files.
  • Maintains file versions and deleted files for an unlimited number of days.
  • Easily share files with others.
  • One account for mulitple computers.
  • Mobile access.


  • Free trial only 1gb for 7 days. Free trial have been extended to 30 days.
  • No Linux version yet.

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Full SafeCopy Backup Review

schome-thumbSafeCopy Backup is a backup service that allows you to download, install, and go about your daily tasks without worrying about losing another file, document, or photo as long as you have chosen these folders to be on the list for backup.

This backup platform was designed in Europe by Memopal. SafeCopy Backup is a division of CirrusApps LLC and is privately funded from technology veterans. The team has worked to build and support mission critical email security solutions for 4,000 organizations. This is probably the reason that SafeCopy Backup is the first online backup provider to offer Setup Assistance to any of their customers that may need this help.

Features included with SafeCopy Backup include:

  • One account for all computers
  • The prices for one account including all computers
  • True Privacy to safeguard data
  • Double encryption
  • Backup kids computers at no extra cost
  • Secure Access
  • Search from any web browser without installing software
  • Browse from any web browser without installing software
  • Restore date from any web browser without installing software
  • Browse through list to view your files on the web
  • Browse through thumbnails to view your files on the web
  • Search all computers for files in your account
  • Search and view your files with a mobile phone browser
  • Search, view, share with an iPhone App
  • Share large files
  • right click on a file and select ‚Äúshare” and then enter an email address to send a private web link
  • set an expiration on the share link of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or no expiration
  • Easily manage any files in your web control panel.

Support is something that goes beyond what you see with other online backup system. SafeCopy Backup offers not only easy to follow video tutorials but a US based support team that provides free technical support and training. Setup Assistance will help walk you through every step from downloading, to installing, to configuring SafeCopy.

SafeCopy Backup is completely secure with 128-bit SSL encryption during transfer and 448-bit Blowfish encryption during storage. True Privacy will only let you access your files, and TurboUpload speeds the backup process while saving you storage space. File versioning will maintain versions of your files that will allow you to view or download previous version. With the archive forever feature, your files will never be deleted from your account until you manually delete them. When SafeCopy Backup states forever, they mean forever.

SafeCopy Backup is an innovative new approach to online backup systems that provide users with a 200GB of storage that allows them to backup all their computers in one storage space for $50 per year. SafeCopy is available in 11 languages.

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6 responses to “SafeCopy Backup Review”

  1. Gary Lillich Avatar
    Gary Lillich

    After a software update, our password no longer works. We can no longer access our data. I reported this about a week ago, posted report on website, sent email, left messages on their answering machine. I did receive an automated reply, saying I would get a response within 24 hours, but nothing for DAYS. Valuable time wasted, need to back up data.

    Is this company still in business? I am concerned that I paid money for backup, but have no way to access my data, and no way to update my

    1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

      I have not heard from them personally but I did read they released a new version lately so I suspect they are still around. Good luck.

  2. Randall Popkin Avatar
    Randall Popkin

    I’ve been using Safecopy Backup for about 2 years. Uploading files is fairly straightforward and quick. However the Search Your Files option stopped working several months ago. I know my files are there as I can find them if I do an exhaustive search through the Browse Recent files option. However I have thousands of files so this isn’t practical. The biggest problem I have is that it seems impossible to reach a person to discuss this situation. I must leave an email and their response time is poor. I’ve called over a dozen times on different dates and have never gotten through to a person. They appear to communication solely by email so if you ever need a file quickly and can’t find it, you’re basically out of luck.

  3. Stewart Avatar

    This is the most effective and stable online backup product I have ever used. Mozy was problematic and I tossed out Carbonite almost the minute I installed the trial version. I backup every critical computer with an external hard drive as a system backup using BouceBack Ultimate. That is for computer disaster recovery but it will not help if the office burns down or equipment is stolen. I use SafeCopy to backup all of my critical data files as well as pictures and videos.

    I thought there was a 200MB file limit as well, but that is not the case. The upload limit defaults to 200MB but you can increase the limit in the Backup Configuration using the Advanced button. The selection is a bit obscure and you must type in your limits. I typed in 6000 and it is now backing up files up to 5.9GB and that fact is stated on the configuration screen where it used to say 200MB. Since the largest single file on any of my computers is 5GB (thankfully only a few, like outlook PST archive files), that is the perfect setting.

    On one system I occassional must reinstal the software and the automatic reinstallation does not work. I kept a download of the installation file so reinstalling is not difficult but it requires a reboot. The machine with the problem is XP SP 3.0 and is used as a file server, so a reboot can be stressful. Notheless as far as online backup goes, I would rate this product a 9 but I could go to 10 if I did not have the reinstall issue and the occasional “Internal server error”.

  4. Mike Avatar

    I use this product and there a few things I would like to add.

    IPhone support
    easy to operate (up to a point, will explain below)
    all the ones in the article

    Files larger than 200 meg not automatically backed up. Requires a manual selection.

    Log files don’t work comes back with a access denied error message (2 versions of code)

    Slowwwww backup

    Good product, tried several different ones but each one was missing something. This product seemed to fill all my needs as a plain user. I went with the 200Gig option.

    BUT with the log files not working there is no way to tell what files were not backed up either due to an issue or because of the 200 meg limit. Yep I had to manually go through my directories to start a backup of each file. Then again it is one of the cheaper options out there.

  5. Sylvia Avatar

    Safe Copy is damn effective. It has really saved me tons of money. Am glad. Thanks

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