Degoo review-Modern interior of server room in datacenter

Understanding the Advantages of StorageCraft

Degoo review-Modern interior of server room in datacenter

With so much information and so many ways to lose critical data, investing in a data protection program is a wise choice. Losing important information can result in reduced sales, fines, financial losses, and/or halted productivity.Additionally, data protection systems can include information management, helping you to become more profitable as a business. StorageCraft is one program available that can mitigate the risks and increase security and efficiency of data.


What Is StorageCraft?


In 2003, StorageCraft was launched, offering products and services from an innovative team with technological vision. They could see the possibilities of how debilitating assaults on data and potential disasters could easily put an end to businesses. And so, they created a system that could conserve companies by protecting and managing crucial computer data. The founders of this company had more than a perception for safeguarding critical information; they also possessed skills and experience in several areas, including:

  • Software marketing
  • Hardware marketing
  • Data storage
  • Security
  • IT management tools

With top engineers and marketing directors, StorageCraft currently provides a system that allows you to secure, access, and optimize your data with reliable strategies. It serves all size organizations and protects millions of servers. The company offers several products that vary in features and benefits.


If the weather turns sour and knocks the computer system out, or if a server crashes, ShadowProtect provides data backup as well as disaster recovery. The program is designed to help you get your business back up and running in only a few minutes.

Granular Recovery for Exchange

This product works in conjunction with ShadowProtect, securing your emails. You can rapidly recover information from your Microsoft Exchange server emails and mailboxes in addition to other crucial data. If you have lost or deleted information ranging from email attachments to address book contacts, your information can be restored.

StorageCraft Cloud Services and Backup

Once you have backed up your information locally, you can archive your data either off-site or in the cloud. This way, you can recover data from any location by way of the internet. This provides extra security, in the case that your local backup is compromised due to its location. Adding granular protection will protect deleted or maliciously overwritten information.

OneBlox Scale-Out Storage

If your storage reaches its limit, the disk space can be expanded with arrays. OneBlox is affordable, unlimited, and easy to install. It allows your business to grow without compromising performance or costing a fortune.

File Backup and Recovery With Backup Analyzer 

If you are only concerned about business-related data on your computers, this solution is designed to identify and protect only what is crucial to your business. Whether your computers are on or off, the Backup Analyzer scans the data and determines what should be protected, excluded (not backed up), and unaddressed. Each unaddressed item can be assessed by your company’s administrators and decided upon whether it should be backed up or not.

Other StorageCraft Services

StorageCraft also offers a variety of services for a large range of needs. Its professional team provides the following:

  • On-site installation with post-implementation documents included
  • Backup and disaster recovery architecture designed by a specialist
  • Construction of backup and disaster recovery service
  • Review of your implementation or planned design
  • Expert advice and answers to questions about implementation or disaster recovery design

How Does StorageCraft Work?

ShadowProtect pc

The length of downtime can be costly for businesses. The more quickly a system can recover, the better it will be. ShadowProtect takes snapshots every 15 minutes of everything on your data, applications, and operating systems. When your server goes down, you can restore your backup image and have your system rolling again in less than an hour. With some programs, the system recovery is even faster.


Depending on the size of your business, the amount of coverage, and licensing purchase, prices will vary. They begin at $5 for the lowest coverage of small businesses and move up as packages become more elaborate and extensive in their features. Following are samples of the price variations and packages, starting with the lowest prices.

ShadowProtect for Small Business, Server, and Desktop

Each cost $5 and includes a 30-day trial of software. This includes only the CD and not the licensing. ShadowProtect IT Edition USB Key costs $20. Each of these packages fall under the Media Kits category.

ShadowProtect SPX Desktop for Windows

It is $59.95. Some of the things you will be able to do with this package is recover your full system in minutes, recover individual folders as well as files without having to restore the entire system, convert backup images to a VHD or VMDK file for migration, and create full and incremental backup schedules that will work the best for you.

ShadowProtect Desktop

Retails at $99.95 and includes a one-year maintenance plan. Some of the things this package allows you to do are to recover individual folders and files in moments using their granular recovery technology, convert backup images to VHD or VMDK, schedule automatic full and incremental backups of your system, and take advantage of the full Windows 8 support.

ShadowProtect Granular Recovery for Exchange

Retails at $199.95 and includes a project 60-day license with unlimited mailboxes. This coverage recovers data for individual mailboxes, address book contacts, tasks, notes, calendar items, attachments, messages, and folders. This software lets you search and restore a copy of an archived email that matches given keywords and eliminates the time-consuming single-mailbox backups that can be costly.

ShadowProtect Virtual Server 1-pack

Retails at $395. With this package, some of the things you can do are recover individual folders and files in moments, convert backup images to VHD or VMDK, boot any ShadowProtect image as VM with VirtualBoot, manage backups from centralized management console, and schedule automatic full and incremental backups.

ShadowProtect SPX for Small Business for 2 Years

Retails at $593. You can recover full systems in minutes, recover individual folders and files in seconds without having to restore the entire system; automatically replicate, consolidate, and verify your backup image files with StorageCraft ImageManager; view information details about Windows backup jobs in a management console that is easy to use; and create multiple full and incremental backup schedules according to your needs.

ShadowProtect IT Edition Pro Technician Subscription for 1-Month

Retails at $890. This package offers bare metal restores, electronic discovery, migration to new hardware and virtual hardware, windows upgrades, and quick backup before any system changes or starting new projects.

There are many other StorageCraft packages that price out reasonably and affordably for small and large businesses. The best way to find the right one for your company is by requesting a quote and receiving guidance from the expert team members.

What Others Think of StorageCraft


In the past few years, StorageCraft has won several awards and accolades. The company was recognized for its outstanding programs. The following are some of its most recent honors:

ChannelPro-SMB 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards

StorageCraft received the vote from customers for two prestigious awards. The first was the Silver winner in the category for the Best Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery. The second award was the Silver winner in the category for the Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Vendor. It was recognized for being efficient, quick, and reliable. Concerning cloud operations, it maintained 99.99 percent uptime.

ASCII Group Miami 2023 Event

At this event, StorageCraft was given awards for Best Partner Involvement by the ASCII IT Community, Best Partner Incentives, and Best Revenue Generator. They acknowledged that StorageCraft’s contributing factors to success was its ability to work together, and its dedicated managers and engineers who demonstrated great interest in seeing partners succeed.

The Best of VMworld Awards 2023

StorageCraft was the recipient of the Best of VMworld 2023 Gold Award Winner for the intelligent recovery capability of its ShadowProtect SPX program. StorageCraft’s quick recovery and flexibility were recognized, as well as its highly efficient and economical recovery attributes.

2023 Storage Awards

The award given to StorageCraft at this London event was the “One to Watch-Vendor” award. The StorageAwards have honored some of the most outstanding storage companies in the industry. This tribute exhibited StorageCraft’s revolutionary abilities in managing company data.

Company Reviews

Security InfoWatch

Not only has StorageCraft achieved many prestigious awards exhibiting its top-of-the-line services, it has also been featured in several programs, receiving great reviews.

Sci-Tech Today

Said that “With StorageCraft, law enforcement agencies can better serve citizens and bring greater transparency to their communities.”

Security InfoWatch

Reported that StorageCraft was “tailored to meet the growing storage of police and sheriffs’ departments at a more budget-friendly price point.” They also appreciated the formulas that StorageCraft used to calculated ahead of time how much storage businesses would need to buy.

Tech Target

Noted that StorageCraft’s ability to provide “cloud-based data protection increases customers’ trust in channel partners.”

Customer Reviews

Users have given valuable reviews about StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect products. Some of the comments include good reliability and quick recovery time. Some pros and cons reported by various StorageCraft users are as follows:


  • Speed in data recovery
  • Ease in restoring files
  • Quick backup
  • Minimal performance impact on systems
  • When server crashes, users are unaware and can use their applications or file sharing while the issue is being resolved
  • GUI is simple and clean
  • Assembling backup images is extremely fast


  • Takes a little time to learn the ins and outs of interfacing
  • A great product, but there are cheaper options
  • Some setup delays
  • Restoring a large server image from the local server can be timely

Overall, many customers have appreciated the peace of mind that has come with effective client backups and minimal work downtime. The programs are quick, reliable, and very user-friendly. Customers agree that you get what you pay for, and while a few users feel that the prices are high, many others acknowledge that the cost is well-suited for the quality delivered in its products and service. Some feel that it is, without a doubt, the fastest backup software on the market and 100 percent reliable.

How Does StorageCraft Compare With the Competition?

data protection

There are other data protection companies that have certain similarities as well as differences with StorageCraft. Reviewing the following information can help you see how companies such as AcronisCarbonite, and Xopero compare.

Acronis serves both personal and business data protection needs. Like StorageCraft, it has partner programs as well as packages that feature the cloud. It has a variety of packages, but not as many as StorageCraft. Its prices range from $49.99 for one computer to $99.99 for five computers. Another similarity is its good online support as well as its worldwide customer assistance around the clock.

Carbonite offers data protection for home and small businesses, but not for larger corporations. It has fewer options than StorageCraft, offering three packages priced at $6, $24, and $50 according to their features. Like StorageCraft, it offers a free trial for 30 days. Carbonite’s support team is available every day from 9 am to 8 pm EST. Online support is also available around the clock.

Xopero offers data protection for small and large businesses. Like StorageCraft, it has reliable and cost-effective backup solutions. The packages start at $79 per year and move up to $169 per year as the features increase, but it doesn’t come close to the number of programs that StorageCraft offers.

Summing It Up

StorageCraft rises above the rest when it comes to data protection and storage. While the other companies utilize the cloud and have reasonable prices, they can’t boast of the award-winning programs, high speed, quick recovery, and overall efficiency that StorageCraft offers. Additionally, competitors can’t compare to the large variety of packages and customizing options available. The price may seem much higher than the competition, but laying it side-by-side, it is obvious to see that you truly get what you pay for. Companies trust StorageCraft because it is reliable and can help you to rest easily when it comes to safeguarding your data.

Special Deals

StorageCraft offers volume discounts for several of its products. For instance, for 20 to 99 purchases, you can save 9 percent. For buying 100 or more, you can save 23.3 percent. There are better prices on bundles and multiple-year packages, which customers can easily take advantage of when purchasing products directly through StorageCraft.






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