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Businesses need reliable off site backup. Online backup is a great choice for businesses of all sizes. It provides an off site solution in case of a disaster such as fire or theft. It is automatic, making sure that the backups run regularly, and it makes it easy to backup and administer many computers and laptops across an organization. Backblaze is the one of the latest online backup businesses to start offering a business backup solution.


The business backup solution from Backblaze comes with an added feature that many other business backup solutions do no have. Unlimited business backup for only $50.00/computer. Many other business backup charge per gigabyte that is backed up. This can get expensive for businesses that have hundreds of desktops and laptops to backup. Backblaze makes it easy for businesses to budget and backup all of their desktops and laptops at an affordable price.

Backblaze also makes it easy to administer because Backblaze backs up all the data on the computer, removing the chance that an important file might be missed by human error.

Backblaze for business could be the perfect solution for you business. Be sure to check out their business backup offering when looking at online backup for your business.

Start Backing up with Backblaze

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