Backblaze Offers Two Factor Authentication

Backblaze gets requests for two-factor authentication pretty regularly. You can see tweets like the one I embeded below fairly regularly. Today I heard that Backblaze has now officially launched two-factor authentication, although they call it two-factor verification, users of Backblaze can now protect their accounts from unauthorized access over the Internet by turning on two-factor authentication in their Backblaze account settings.


The system works like most other two-factor authentication systems work once it is enabled in the My Settings section on the Backblaze website. Once it is enabled you now only will need your password to login to your Backblaze account but also you phone to receive a verification code to prove that it is you that is attempting to sign in.

To setup two-factor verification on your Backblaze account you first need to login to your account on their website. Once you have done that visit the “My Settings” page under Account on the left hand side.

Two-Factor Authentication 1

When that page loads you will then have the option there to edit your sign in settings. Clicking the link will open a modal window asking for your current password and your mobile number you want the text message to be sent too.

Two-Factor Authentication 2

After you have provided that information and entered the verification the code Backblaze sent you then you can select how often you want to be sent a verification code on login. To take advantage of the increased security on the web login I would recommend either option for a code, just not “Never”. That way you should be informed if someone attempts to login to your account and you can take action to prevent that unauthorized access.

Two-Factor Authentication 3

When you go back out you will then see that two-factor verification has been enabled.

Two-Factor Authentication 4

It is nice to see this added feature available for Backblaze and I am sure it will help people keep their accounts secure.

If you have a Backblaze account will you be turning on two-factor verification? If no, why not? Will this added feature help you decided if you want to use Backblaze? Lert us know in the comments.

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