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Backblaze Releases Android App

Well it took awhile but Backblaze finally delivered an Android app to access your backup. The app is very similar to the iOS app and allows users to browse files in their backup, download files and share files right from your Android smartphone or tablet.


While I am glad Backblaze has finally released an Android app it is fairly limited as far as functionality goes. Great for getting at your files on the go, but there is no additional features like the ability to automatically backup the photos and video you take on your phone or tablet, or to download a file edit and reupload it to your backup. Perhaps that is a little to much to ask of Backblaze, since they do focus on backup and there are other apps, like Dropbox that focus more on the cloud storage.

I have only played with the app a little and I am sure I will find it useful. Here are some screenshots of the app in action.

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