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Best Cloud Backup for Linux

There are some excellent cloud backup options available for Linux. Many of these services are also cross platform so if you have more than just a Linux machine that you want to backup you can probably find a service that can help you protect all your computers.

  1. SpiderOak
    SpiderOak is not only Linux friendly but also provides more than just backup, they also offer sync and sharing. They are also high on the list for their zero-knowledge privacy policy.

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  2. CrashPlan
    CrashPlan is the strongest unlimited cloud backup service for Linux. If you don’t want to worry about running out of space in your cloud backup CrashPlan is your best service to look at. Great for families that have multiple computers to backup on different operating systems.

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  3. AltDrive
    AltDrive is a good all around backup service that will help protect your Linux system. It is unlimited and affordable and worth a look if you have 1 to 3 computers to backup.

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  4. IBackup
    IBackup offers Linux backup through the use of scripts, so no pretty graphical user interface to get in the way. Great for the Linux users that are more comfortable with the command line.

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  5. Cyphertite
    Cyphertite is a newer service to look at for Linux users and looks promising. Unlimited and offers a high security option for keeping your data safely encrypted and safe.

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