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Retail Price for 1 Year: $49.00
1 Year Plan Savings (15%): $7.35
Your Price for 1 Year: $41.65


Use the promotional code OBD15


Personal plans:

  • 3gb Free
  • 200gb: $49.00/year. Discounts available for multiple year subscriptions.
  • 300gb: $99.00/year $69.00/year. Discounts available for multiple year subscriptions.
  • Use the promotional code OBD15 and save 15% on Memopal.

Business plans: Start at $48.00/year for 10gb.


  • The backup process is in the background, which does not interfere with other things that you may be doing.
  • Multiple versions of files are maintained
  • 200 GB to 300 GB storage space
  • Offers several languages
  • Ability to share files.
  • Offers iPhone application to access files. Mobile website also available.
  • DVD Restore.


  • No option to restore on DVD or hard drive being shipped.DVD restore option has been added.
  • No type of user manual Correction, the user manual is located online. The English version is located here.
  • Will not back up Outlook.pst file Correction Memopal will backup the outlook.pst file.

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Full Memopal Review

memopal-homepageMemopal is an online backup and online storage software system that takes the guesswork out of backing up your system. All you have to do is install the software and it will backup your system automatically. The Italian group of software engineers began developing this application in December of 2007 and released it in April of 2008.

Memopal is the new kid on the block so to speak but is growing quickly offering several other languages besides English including Chinese, French, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Along with these languages, they are planning to add another 24 languages, which will put it as the leader in the industry offering multi-language services for backup services.

After you download, install, and configure the application, Memopal will back up your files automatically to a remote server through a secure Internet connection. The secure offers 128-bit encryption during the transfer and 448 blow fish encryption while in storage.

Memopal offers 150 200 GB of space for $49 per year, 250 300 GB for $99 per year, but does not offer unlimited space. If you wish to try out the service before committing to an entire year, Memopal offers a trial version that will allow you upload 1 GB of data for seven days. You will have 90 days to recover your data after the trial version if you decide no to continue with the service. Memopal has started offering a 3GB free version that you can use to try out the service or for small backups.

The innovative RAID 5 technology has been added into the service, which will create three copies of your data to be maintained across different servers in three different locations in three different continents to ensure you data are never lost due to any type of natural disaster.

Summary of the main features offered by Memopal include:

  • RAID 5-like geographical redundancy
  • Up to 100 million TBytes storable in a single file system
  • Native data encryption and compression
  • Checksum-based archiving
  • Native Hardware Health Monitoring
  • Single-user Multi computer
  • Native File Indexing
  • Web access: Access via browser or WebDav
  • Sync Real-Time
  • Hot-add scalability
  • Versioning
  • Searches
  • 1-click sharing

Platform: Multi-platform, including:

  • Supports Windows XP
  • Supports Windows Vista
  • Supports Windows Server
  • Supports Mac – Universal Platform
  • Private Beta Linux and *nix (planned for Public in August 2008)
  • Alpha IPhone (Planned for Public in September 2008)
  • Mobile devices (Development to Start in September 2008)


Memopal plans to become the leader in the online backup industry by allowing users the ability to organize, sync, and share their content, which will be easily accessible. This application is recommended for its easily accessible solutions, its prices, and of course its features.

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20 Responses to Memopal Review

  1. paulmarkj says:

    Memopal is unable to count correctly how much data you have saved.
    Memopal is unable to upload data when it incorrectly say you quota is full.
    Even if Memopal thinks your quota is not full, Memopal often stops you from uploading data because it thinks the data is already uploaded.
    You will be unable to retrieve data because Memopal thinks it you have deleted it.
    Their support is extremely unhelpful.

    Memopal have acknowledged I am correct in what I have said, but have so far done nothing to fix it. I had to spend many hours and many emails proving what I knew was true. The just said it couldn’t be true. They now admit there is a problem but don’t seem concerned about fixing it.

    I know it sounds crazy, so I even have videos of me using Memopal to prove it!

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