SMB Cloud Backup Price Comparison

If you run a small or medium sized business you really don’t have a lot of time to be sitting around comparing all of the cloud backup options available to you. You have work to do, whatever that work is, and you just want to know how much it is going to cost to keep your data backed up. With that in mind here is a quick and easy price comparison of cloud backup services that you can use as a starting point to protecting your business data.


The following table is based on a 250GB amount of storage for desktops to try and make the business plans easier to compare. Some services charge extra to backup servers or do not even run on servers at all.

SOS Online Backup$69.99$699.99



The Backblaze business service is not much different than their home service actually. The storage space is actually unlimited but there are some things the Backblaze app cannot do. It cannot run on servers, it does not backup open databases and the price is a flat $50/year/computer. If you have a small business with just a bunch of desktops/laptops but no file server or NAS Backblaze could be perfect for you.


IBackup is the business product of IDrive. They are fairly similar and IBackup looks like a great deal. It allows you to backup multiple computers to one account and you can backup servers like MS SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Oracle. It looks like a great product for small and medium sized businesses, especially compared pricewise to the other services.


The basic Carbonite business service allows you to have an unlimited number of computers to backup to the account, supports NAS and external hard drives. If you have a Windows file server you need to bump up to the next level at $499.99. To backup servers like Exchange, Oracle and SQL you need to move up to the Server packages that start at $799.99/year.


Zoolz for business uses Amazon S3 storage and unlike the home service is instant storage so no waiting to get your data back. The 250GB account offers 50 users on the account but moving up it can be unlimited. If you need to backup servers it is and extra $10/server/month.

SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup for business offers some great features like NAS and external hard drive support, unlimited number of PC and Macs and centralized management. If you need to backup servers it will cost more but you need to contact them to get a quote.


If you use CrashPlan at home why wouldn’t you use it at your SMB as well. CrashPlan Pro offers many of the same flexibility as the home service and they do offer an unlimited plan as well if you just need more space.


For a company that is betting their future on business backup they are not fairing well compared to the other companies. They cost more for basic backup of desktops and servers cost even more if you need to backup SQL, Exchange etc. Considering how important business backup is to Mozy they do not even seem to be taking it seriously.

This comparison is not complete, obviously I left out some of the other services like SpiderOak and KineticD. I never even touched on cloud storage services like Egnyte or Box, while not specifically backup many businesses are simply moving their file storage to the cloud. The idea was to give SMB a simple overview of some of the services out there that offer SMB cloud backup and affordable rates so those businesses can focus on their business instead of their backup.

Do you own or work for a SMB? What cloud backup or cloud storage do you use and why? Help others make good decisions by sharing your experiences.




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