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50% Off SOS Online Backup

This was an unexpected sale to see come through from SOS Online Backup. SOS has always been one of those services that I have liked but never enough to actually subscribe. If you have been like me, sitting on the fence about them, then perhaps this offer will help you give them a good solidContinue Reading

SMB Cloud Backup Price Comparison

If you run a small or medium sized business you really don’t have a lot of time to be sitting around comparing all of the cloud backup options available to you. You have work to do, whatever that work is, and you just want to know how much it is going to cost to keepContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup vs. CrashPlan

When I heard that SOS Online Backup had announced unlimited storage plans, my first thought was 2014 was going to get interesting for cloud backup. 2013 seemed to be the year of cloud storage, with a lot of new services coming online but there was not a lot of changes in the cloud backup side of things.Continue Reading

SOS Online Backup Unlimited 3 Months Free

SOS Online Backup Unlimited 3 Months Free

SOS Online Backup is getting serious about winning you over to their new unlimited storage cloud backup service. Not only were they matching the single computer price of CrashPlan and Carbonite now they are offering three months free. The two and three year subscriptions are not as good but still worth looking at.   TheContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup Announces Unlimited Plans

Update: Looks like SOS is doing some interesting things with redirects. I have adjusted the link leading to them to lead to the new plans instead of the home page where you might get the old plans. Hope that helps.   SOS Online Backup, a long time leader in cloud backup and storage, has announcedContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup Review

SOS Online Backup is no stranger to the online backup industry. Established in 2001 and have operations in North America, Asia and Europe. They protect millions of computers around the globe from data loss and have 11 data centers across multiple continents with military-grade security. SOS Online Backup is serious business and not just a fly by the night business. This can be seen be the fact that they have been choosen PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award since 2006.Continue Reading

50% Off SOS Online Backup!

Being on holidays makes it hard to post regularly, but I wanted to take few minutes to let you know about this great offer from SOS Online Backup. You can get a 30 day free trial from them and then save 50% on your subscription price.   SOS has had some great offers recently andContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup for Business June Special

SOS Online Backup for Business June Special

I have slowly been working on adding more online backup for business reviews but I have not had a chance to fully review the SOS Online Backup for Business, although it is not much different than the consumer version. I did not want to let not having a full review stop me from letting businessesContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup Enhances Backup Solution for World Backup Day

SOS Online Backup is joining the fun for World Backup Day with a special offer of 25% off the cost of a subscription. They are one of the few services that backup not just PC’s and Macs but also smartphones and tablets. They also offer the ability to backup your Facebook account so the photosContinue ReadingContinue Reading

SOS Online Backup Announces Universal Backup, Recovery and Files Access for Android Devices, PCs, and Macs

SOS Online Backup is a leader in online backup for a reason and they are one of the few online backup services that have mobile apps that actually backup data from the mobile instead of just offer access to you backed up data. If you have an Android powered mobile you might want to lookContinue ReadingContinue Reading