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SOS Online Backup Dec 2014 Coupon

This was an unexpected sale to see come through from SOS Online Backup. SOS has always been one of those services that I have liked but never enough to actually subscribe. If you have been like me, sitting on the fence about them, then perhaps this offer will help you give them a good solid try. It is one thing to use a trial of a service but to get a really good understanding if a service is the best one for you really does require a longer time.


Click Here to Save 50% Until Dec. 31, 2014

This sale is good for a one computer account with unlimited cloud storage and unlimited mobile devices.

SOS Online Backup has a very impressive feature set and I don’t know why it has not taken off like some of the other unlimited backup services. Features like:

  • ForeverSave Archive and Version History
  • Any File Type, Any Size
  • Private Encryption Keys
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Mobile Backup

I am seriously considering giving SOS Online Backup a try for a year with this promotion. I discontinued one of my other backup service accounts in October and I always like to have multiple off site destinations.

Want to know more about SOS Online Backup? Read our complete SOS Online Backup review for more information.

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