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How to Use MEGA as a Dirt Cheap Backup Solution

MEGA offers a generous 50GB of free cloud storage and it can be a very handy service to upload files to and to use as a sync service, but it lacks the ability to be used as a backup service. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use that free space from MEGA to helpContinue Reading

MEGA Desktop Sync Beta Test

Update: MEGA has now released the Windows Sync client for download. Visit their website to download.   This tweet from MEGA might have been easy to miss, after all it was the middle of holidays for many people and well there are more interesting things to be doing on New Years Eve. I did haveContinue Reading

MEGA iOS App in Beta

MEGA iOS App in Beta

MEGA released their Android app back in July, and in fact have had several updates to the app since it was officially released. There has been hints that the iOS app and desktop clients were coming but very few details. There is still no official release date but I did notice on Twitter this gemContinue Reading

Kim Dotcom Resigns as MEGA Director

#Mega is in excellent hands. I resigned as Managing Director to focus on my copyright case & a new political party. — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) September 4, 2013   Kim Dotcom announced today that he has stepped down from as the Managing Director of MEGA so he can focus his copyright case, his newContinue Reading

MEGA Launches Official Android App

BREAKING NEWS: #MEGA launches official Android app. Please try it & give us your feedback. — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) July 4, 2013 Kim Dotcom announced on Twitter that there is now an official MEGA Android App available. He has been hinting that official mobile apps we coming along with a desktop client but thisContinue Reading

MEGA Sync and SDK Coming Soon!

The #Mega Client / Sync & SDK were supposed to be released today. But there are still some bugs to be fixed. It won’t be long now. — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) May 31, 2013   News of Kim Dotcom winning the right to gain access to his seized property has overshadowed this tidbit of newsContinue Reading

MEGA Releases Mobile Version & Offers PayPal Payment

MEGA Releases Mobile Version & Offers PayPal Payment

When MEGA launched it seemed as though the service was still frozen in the early 2000’s when desktops and laptops ruled computing. As we all know though smartphone and tablet usage has sky rocketed and it seems like MEGA has finally caught on to this new reality and had now produced a mobile friendly versionContinue Reading

MEGA Android Apps Available

When Kim Dotcom launched MEGA there was a complete absence of any type of mobile presence at all. It was as if smartphones and tablets did not exist and the desktop still ruled the world of computers. He then tweeted that desktop and mobile apps would be coming soon but official apps have still notContinue Reading

MEGA Desktop and Mobile Apps Coming Soon

It has been a week since MEGA launched and the reviews for MEGA are starting to come out. Many of them make similar points to my MEGA review, it is ok but it really is not as good as competitors like Dropbox, SugarSync and SpiderOak. I would go as far as saying it is notContinue Reading

MEGA Review

MEGA at a Glance Your Rating Rate MEGA Our Rating 2.5 / 5 stars   Price: Free: 50GB Pro 1: 500GB Storage, 1TB Bandwidth, €9.99 / month Pro 2: 2TB Storage, 4TB Bandwidth, €19.99 / month Pro 3: 4TB Storage, 8TB Bandwidth, €29.99 / month Pros: Web interface for access from any system. 50GB freeContinue Reading