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Here where I live it is almost to 3 weeks before kids go back to school but CrashPlan is getting a head start for all the parents and college kids that are heading off here in the fall. Until September 30th, 2014 you can save a sweet 20% on all new CrashPlan home annual plans.


Update: This sale is extended to the end of September and is not limited to students. Sign up today!.

Click Here to save 20% on CrashPlan until Sept 30, 2014!

CrashPlan is great for students with the ability to backup to another offsite computer besides CrashPlan central. Backups can easily be set up to backup from the students dorm room back to Mom and Dad’s home computer or even to another friend in another dorm.

If you don’t have a backup system in place take a serious look at CrashPlan before you or your kid takes off for school in the fall. It could save them a lot of headaches if or when their hard drive dies, their laptop is stolen or a beer beverage is spilled on their computer.

Want to know more about CrashPlan online backup? Read our complete CrashPlan Review for more information.

Start Backing up with CrashPlan

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