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  • Free: 50GB
  • Pro 1: 500GB Storage, 1TB Bandwidth, €9.99 / month
  • Pro 2: 2TB Storage, 4TB Bandwidth, €19.99 / month
  • Pro 3: 4TB Storage, 8TB Bandwidth, €29.99 / month



  • Security concerns with encryption.
  • Lack of any other features.
  • Only browser based, no desktop application for easy uploading, sharing etc.
  • MegaUpload history hanging over new service.

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Full Mega Review

MEGAKim Dotcom, the Bob Parson’s, of online storage has launched his latest creation simply called MEGA. MEGA shares some common elements from its predecessor, MegaUpload but there are some significant differences in this reborn version. The most significant change is a layer of encryption done in the web browser using Javascript before uploading the files and a nice HTML 5 user interface.

Account Creation
To create an account on MEGA you just need to visit the site and either choose to upload a file or click the register link. You will then have to provide your name, email address, password and agree to the terms of service and you can start using the service after some encryption keys are created.


Once you have created your account you simply click the file upload or folder upload button select your file or folder and your upload will begin. There is a status screen at the bottom of the browser that lets you know how your upload is going. It is all pretty simple.


Once you have uploaded a file through your web browser you can right click on the file in the file manager and select to download the file. Again very simple to do and the file will begin to download to your computer.


Sharing files is also easy to do. You can either right click on the file you would like to share and select get link or click the URL link button on the far right hand side of the file. You will then be given a URL link that you can share with others for them to download the file. Because the files are encrypted if you send a share link you will either have to send the encryption key seperate or as part of the URL. With out the decryption key the file will not be able to be decrypted by the person you send it to.


MegaUpload solved a problem when it was created in 2005, it was often difficult to send large files to people over email and other methods to send large files where complicated or expensive.

Fast forward to 2013 and things have changed a great deal, sure sending large files to people over email is still hard, but there are a lot of other services that have made sending larger files to people much easier than MEGA. Not that MEGA is hard to use, just there are better services already available that offer more features for free or inexpensive rates.

Where MEGA shines is in the large amount of free space they are offering 50GB to free users. 50GB stores a large amount of files, but the need to use a web browser to upload that amount of data is time consuming and really not practical.

There are also a number of issue security issues raised about how effective the Javascript encryption is and the possibility of cross site scripting on the MEGA website itself.

Should you use MEGA to store your files? Honestly I would not recommend using them with so many better services available not to mention other issues such as MEGA not actually processing their own credit cards. Vouchers need to be purchased through a second party for larger packages. If you do upload files to them make sure you keep other copies of those files somewhere else, do not trust MEGA as a backup, they even tell you as much in the terms of service. I would also recommend if you use the service to put files in a zip (or other compressed format) with a strong password and extra encryption. 7-Zip can help you with that if you do not already have it installed.

In the end the new MEGA is really not the life changing online storage service that will change the world, in fact the service seems to ignore the fact that times have changed since 2005 when MegaUpload began and really offer nothing significant to the world of online storage.

Start Uploading to MEGA


Start Uploading to MEGA

6 Responses to MEGA Review

  1. Naoh says:

    I had loss of data in July, August, and September 2015. I have a dual-boot Windows & Linux. When I edited files on the NTFS partition through Linux, MEGAsync would (sometimes, not always) randomly throw these items in the ‘trash’ folder or (somehow) create conflicts. I also had an issue that my MEGA folder was only 15 GB, but my account claimed it was over the 50 GB quota. Switched over to pCloud and I’ve never been happier. Unless you’re planning to only store videos/movies as a back-up, I wouldn’t touch this…

  2. marco says:

    I use internet at copenhagen university, 1Gbps and when I use mega to upload files, upload speed is 35kb/s, as you can see in screenshot, there are many files but small ones, nothing really big, I am waiting already 20 minutes and I will give up.

  3. Excalibur212 says:

    ** WARNING: MEGA SYNC WILL CAUSE RANDOM LOSS OF DATA / DELETION OF FILES WHEN SYNCING BETWEEN MULTIPLE COMPUTERS !!! — Do NOT use the Mega Sync client if you value your data !!! *** I feel compelled to warn others against this product, after spending ~6 months troubleshooting with Javier in tech support (also note, they are severely understaffed with a 1-2 person support/development team, as far as I can tell, so sluggish response from support is the norm). Note this has nothing to do with my installation/configuration, as i have installed on many different computers, OSes, and “clean” fresh Windows 7-8 installs by this point, all with the same bugs, from about version 1.3.0 or earlier up through the most recent 1.0.35a in December 2014 (1.0.36 is the most current on their website as I write this, but as the sync issues haven’t been fixed in 10-20 revisions I’ve been through with them already, I have no reason to believe any of these bugs have been fixed the most recent minor update either).

    After countless updates / “bug fixes” due to my feedback where the various syncing bugs were acknowledged, I quickly uninstalled Mega 1.0.35a from ALL my computers in a panic in mid-Dec 2014 after it deleted about 5,000+ of my photos (v1.0.35a). This was after both computers were in “sync” and stable for a long time. I made the “mistake” of trusting Mega sync to behave when I dragged about 50 folders from a non-synced folder into the synced folder, only to notice 2 weeks later it systemically went through and left me EMPTY folders, deleting the entire contents of all these folders!! Worse, there is no sign of them in their online “Rubbish” bin or the local “Rubbish” subfolders, as rather than initially syncing them, it simply deleted them, therefore never backing them up to the cloud or moving them to the deleted files archive! Unbelievable.

    There are MAJOR bugs in their syncing algorithm, and I strongly encourage you to stay far away from this product. I am about to open a support incident to see if there’s any way to recover all my lost data, but I really don’t have time to mess with this buggy product anymore. This was the last straw. If you need reliable syncing and don’t want to lose data, do NOT use Mega Sync, no matter how much data or encryption they promise. A sync product that deletes data is NOT a sync product and should not be used !!!!

    • Edward says:

      You stated that files were deleted “WHEN SYNCING BETWEEN MULTIPLE COMPUTERS[.]”

      What would your opinion be of a situation where the sync’ing was between one (1) computer and the MEGA cloud space?

      Thank you,

    • padman says:

      I confirm. I’m using mega for one year and it’s a pain when you sync your files with many computer. All my files, are randomly deleted and I have to move back them from the rubbish… I leave Mega for this because my files are too important to stay into a Mega storage.

  4. Campysr43 says:

    This information is outdated—there was an upgrade in December 2014—it now works with IOS 8 on both Mac and iPad/iPhone. I have downloaded both apps and they work flawlessly—so far.

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