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Norton Online Backup Review

Norton Online Backup at a Glance

Our Rating
3 / 5 stars


  • 25gb: $49.99


  • Norton and Symantec are a trusted brand people have been using for years to protect their computers from virus and spyware threats.
  • Automatic Online Backup
  • Web-Based Restore
  • Web-Based Access
  • Remote Backup Setting Management
  • Archives Accidentally Deleted Files
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Multi-PC Backup


  • Windows only.
  • No file sharing.

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Full Norton Online Backup Review

Norton Online Backup is an online system offering customers a secure and easy way to automatically backup files online as well as store several files from multiple household computers. Norton is a trusted name we know for providing secure products for our anti-virus and Internet security solutions. With Norton Online Backup, customers do not have to worry about losing files on their computer, as the system will automatically backup the files you desire so you will always have them safe and secure.

Main features of the Norton Online Backup system include:

  • Automatic Online Backup
  • Web-Based Restore
  • Web-Based Access
  • Remote Backup Setting Management
  • Archives Accidentally Deleted Files
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Multi-PC Backup
  • High-Level Encryption & Data Compression
  • Block-Level Incremental Backups

Norton Online Backup offers backup for documents, videos, photos, music, and various other types of data to one secured location. Data can be recovered quickly in case of loss of any data due to file system damage, natural disasters, and hard drive crashes.

The ability to access or restore files from any web enabled computer helps you get to your files any time you need them quickly no matter where you might be. This allows you to use other web-enabled computers to retrieve any files you may need while traveling on the road or at home.

Once you have the system set up, it will run automatically without any effort on your part. You just select the files that you want the system to backup such as specific files or everything on your hard drive. You can even set up backups for multiple computers. The files are then automatically compressed and encrypted to use less storage space as well as maintain faster backup speeds. The system will only upload changes from the previous backups, which will increase the speed of the backup as well as save storage space.

Norton Online Backup offers government-grade encryption, which is 128-bit SSL encryption during file transfer, and 256-bit AES encryption while storing on their professional managed servers. The service also utilizes block-level incremental backups, and file redundancy.

System requirements include:

Windows Vista

  • Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business
  • Starter Edition
  • Includes all service packs
  • 32 and 64 bit

Windows XP

  • Professional, Home, Media Center
  • Service Pack 2 and newer
  • 32 Bit Only

Internet Browsers

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6.0 and higher
  • Firefox, version 2.0 and higher
  • Safari, version 3.0 and higher

The standard service offers 25GB of backup storage for $49.99, which is large enough to hold 100 hours of video, 7,000 photos, or 6,000 songs. If you do not believe this is enough storage space then you may wish to buy more storage space. If you already use Norton anti-virus or other Norton Internet security tools, Norton Online Backup might be the perfect online backup solution for you or your business. Norton Online Backup comes bundled with Norton 360 already so you would simply need to subscribe to the service to activate it on your computer.

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9 Responses to Norton Online Backup Review

  1. Tyagi Kersten says:

    Have had Norton 360 for at least six years I liked it except
    where there was a quirk and it would not follow the settings to
    store backup onto my external drive, but put the backup in a path
    that it created in the computer.
    Only this last year, I just discovered that it deleted half
    of my online backup without talking to me. And it’s been hell
    trying to talk via Chats to resolve it. It’s been useless and
    I’ve lost research from paid subscriptions on sites Ancestry
    and GenealogyBank. I’m very unhappy with Symantec right now.
    It’s worth having functional support from your employees. You’ve just lost a previously satisfied customer. You should hire the
    volunteers at Norton support, they are much better problem solvers.

  2. K says:

    Worst customer service support I have ever encountered! My ex got into my account so I called immediately. I was on hold for 26 minutes before a person answered. In the meantime, I started an online chat. I explained in detail the security risk that my ex had access to my online files (especially since I have a legal case against pending against him). I was put on hold then cut off. I called back and waited another 23 minutes to speak to someone. Was told it would have to sent to the IT department and someone would call me back in 24-48 hours. Never heard from anyone. I called back 4 days later (another 20 minute hold wait), a case manager told me he would escalate it to the IT department and someone would call me back within 24-48 hours. (Remember, this is MY account that I cannot access, but my I’m paying for my ex to access MY files!) A week goes by and I call (37 minute wait on hold). The woman said there are no notes on my case, puts me on hold for 16 minutes, then another woman gets on and asks for my case #. (I have to start over?!?!) She then puts me on hold for 12 minutes, comes back and says it needs to be escalated to the IT department, but “the U.S. is having a holiday so no one is available.” Of course I go ballistic and ask how an entire department can be out for the whole week?! She says she’ll call me back in an hour. She calls me back and says, “Sorry, we can’t do anything about this until next week.” It’s now been 15 days since my account was essentially hacked — I can’t get into my account, I can’t access my own files, and they say they can’t close my account down.
    I will NEVER recommend Norton for anything!!

  3. Mike says:

    I am sending 8.6 gig of packets and receiving 56k packets and wonder if this is backup by Norton or is someone else responsible?

  4. Cory Volkert says:

    Realtively easy to use BUT – I have had this service for about six months. Seemed to be a good idea and product fit. Then my hard drive failed. At that point I found out that the automatic daily online back up had not been working at all for over two weeks and there were several failed backups before that – yet never did I get any notice that it wasn’t working. Repeated efforts to restore even the older files were unsuccessful. Repeated tech calls to India to speak to persons with marginal English language skills were unsuccessful. During the last call, the Norton tech drove my computer, set up the restore sequence and told me to let it run all night (expected to take 10-12 hours) – except that Norton took their website down for “routine maintenance” about three hours later and it stayed down for over 12 hours and persons on Norton’s online tech chat swore it wasn’t down at all. At that point I took my old hard drive to my friendly computer geek and coughed up $175 to have him extract my files and transfer them to the new hard drive. DO NOT use this service. You are paying for a promise that they won’t keep and it will be costly. This is a case where ratings above should include a zero or negative possibility.

  5. petro says:

    Do you know the pricing for the additional space I want to buy?

    • John Tucker says:

      Last I read, but you should confirm this with Norton, the cost for additional space over your initial 25GB is as follows:

      5GB is $29.99 for 1 year
      10GB is $49.99 for 1 year
      25GB is $69.99 for 1 year
      50GB is $89.99 for 1 year

      That is in addition to your initial 25GB. For 75GB you would pay $49.99 for the first 25GB then $89.99 for the extra 50GB. It is pricey, and there are less expensive and better options available IMHO.

  6. jacob didier says:

    hello to whom ever I paid for the service but couldn’t get it to download can anybody help me out with this problem?thank you!

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